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Why You Might Need Odour Control Consultants

If you know that you are constructing a structure, facility, warehouse or plant that may likely produce smelly or hazardous fumes, you may need to hire odour control consultants. Hazardous fumes or foul smells can be harmful to the environment and also cause respiratory problems.

Foul smells are also not comfortable to work or live around; homeowners and workers can make complaints leading to the closure of your structure, facility, warehouse or plant, meaning you might lose your investment and hard-earned money. Here's what you need to know about odour control consultants:

Before Construction

Ensure you hire odour control consultants who offer odour consulting services for your specific industry. This ensures you get quality services and satisfactory results. The consultants visit your construction site to conduct an assessment and analysis. They study your blueprints to find out how your systems work and the fumes that are likely to be produced. The consultants also study how climate and weather patterns might contribute to odour dispersion.

After the assessment, they recommend various mitigation measures that ensure fumes are treated before release or if they are not that strong, they are controlled and redirected to areas or levels that reduce their impact on people and the environment significantly.

During Construction

The odour control consultants have to be present to ensure that the measures recommended are correctly applied. They offer direction and supervision as the measures are being applied. This is important to avoid poor quality, repetitive and time-consuming work.

After Construction

The odour control measures applied have to be commissioned or tested to ensure that they are working as they should. They are then monitored over a few weeks to find out whether there is any problem that was not caught earlier.

If you come across any issue, don't try to remedy it, contact the odour control consultants and a specialist will be sent to your premises immediately.

What If You Did Not Hire Odour Control Consultants Before Construction?

You might notice the odours from your facility and the complaints coming from people living or working around you. It's not too late to contact odour control consultants; they often can still remedy your problem.

In such a situation, the odour control consultants visit your facility and assess your operations. They identify measures they need to apply and give you a quote. Some quotes might be high and others low; this depends on what they find out after assessment and the remedy required.