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Top Tips for Keeping Pests Away From Skip Bins

Skip bins are a vital component as far as protecting the environment goes. Rather than throw away every kind of rubbish and waste anywhere, skip bins provide an avenue through which waste can be disposed of and collected. The net outcome is a cleaner environment for the good of the community. However, to achieve this objective, you must understand that pests are a menace and they can cause significant damage. This means that you must engage in proper skip bin management. How do you do that? This article provides tips households can use to ensure pests stay away.

Keep Food Waste Away

Pests, including roaches, rats, flies and others, need food to survive. Therefore, like humans, they go around looking for food, and their senses often lead them to skip bins with food leftovers. Therefore, if you throw away any food remnants in your skip bin, be assured that pests will always find their way to your home. You can, however, prevent this by cleaning all plastic waste of food remains before tossing the bag inside the skip bin. The food leftovers can be easily eliminated through the kitchen's garbage disposal unit. If you do not have one, then composting would be a perfect disposal alternative, especially for avid gardeners.

Keep Lid Closed

Most people underestimate the lengths some pests would go to find food; therefore, they do not bother to keep the lid closed. Such an assumption is misplaced because rats can easily lift the cover of an average skip bin. Once they have created a weak point, other pests will have easy access to the insides of the bin. That is why it is advisable to hire skip bins with lockable latches since it allows you to keep the bin locked at all times, thereby keeping pests away. On the other hand, if you do not have access to lockable skip bins, a little ingenuity can get you a long way. Look for a stone that weighs a pound or two and place it on top of the lid. The rock should be heavy enough to keep the lid closed, even at average wind speeds. As long as your skip bin remains closed, you will not have a problem with pests.

Strategically Position Skip Bins

Where do you keep your skip bin? At the furthest corner in the backyard? Near the fence or shed? These are all critical questions you should ask yourself if pests have become a menace. If you place your skip bin near the fence, then flies, bees and rodents will get easy access to the insides primarily because the fence is the perfect hideout. During the night, the darkness and the fence provide enough cover for nocturnal pests to trash your rubbish. If, on the other hand, you place the bin in the middle of the backyard where it is illuminated by security light from all sides, it will be difficult for pests to approach it.